Kayak and Paddleboard Tours of Merritts Mill Pond

Explore this 202-acre spring-fed pond by kayak or paddleboard and visit several of the springs and caves that feed this unique ecosystem in a guided tour with the top Eco Adventure company.

All-Inclusive Guided Eco Tour of Jackson Blue Springs & Merritts Mill Pond


Get away from the crowd and paddle your way through the water in your own Kayak. Enjoy panoramic views and admire the Cold Springs from up close on a guided kayaking tour, suited for all those who wish to immerse themselves in an eco tour of Florida's natural enviornment.

Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

Stand-up paddleboard into beautiful cold springs and experience 360 degrees of breathtaking natural scenery. Those who wish to paddle (SUP) in an excursion surrounded by beautiful clear water, should not miss this adventure tour.



Choose your paddling partner and canoe across crystal-clear cold springs water while enjoying the breeze of Florida's nature. Experience the best of Merritt's Mills Pond with one of our All-Inclusive Guided Adventures in a worry-free tour.


Snorkel with turtles and fish in crystal clear waters that are free of rip tides. Venture deeper under the surface of the cold springs with one of our underwater scooters that will make navigation a breeze. Snorkeling is included in all of our cold springs adventures.

Jackson Blue Springs & Merritts Mills Pond Eco Adventure

Merritt's Mills Pond tour is an adventure for paddlers of all abilities and ages, including first-timers.

Eco Tour Overview

Our Merritts Mill Pond Eco Adventure starts with a shuttle ride from Panama City Beach to Merritts Mill Pond, which is roughly an hour and fifteen minutes each way. Once we reach the pond we will explore several of the springs along Merritts Mill Pond including; Jackson Blue Springs, Shangri La Springs, Twin Caves, Hole in the Wall, and Gator Hole. The majority of Merritts Mill Pond's springs are only accessible by boat so pick your choice of kayak or paddleboard to discover this secluded ecosystem. Enjoy exploring the beauty of these springs from your kayak or paddleboard or take a look below the surface with our supplied snorkel gear and underwater scooters. Coldwater Excursions will do all the heavy lifting and supply everything you need to enjoy your day on the water. Transportation to and from, kayak or SUP rental, mask & snorkel, underwater scooters, GoPros, beach chairs, towels, sunscreen, lunch, and drinks will all be provided for your adventure.

Choice of Kayak or Paddleboard

Our knowledgeable guides will lead you through Merritts Mill Pond to see all the amazing local flora and fauna on your own kayak or paddle board. We use Perception Access 11.5 Single Sit-on-Top Kayaks (300lb limit), Perception Tribe 13.5 Tandem Sit-on-Top Kayaks (500lb limit), and Yolo's Hammerhead/Inflatable line of Stand Up Paddle Boards (225lb limit). All of our equipment is state-of-the-art and in great condition. You can expect the pinnacle of top-notch professional treatment as our guides help you to enjoy the calm, rejuvenating waters of this spring-fed pond.

 Best Paddling Trails near the Emerald Coast

Don't miss out on some of the best paddling trails that Northwest Florida has to offer. The Merritts Mill Pond Eco Adventure offers roughly two miles of paddling down one of Florida's most pristine waterways. The pond is slow-moving and easy to navigate. The waters of Merritts Mill Pond are crystal-clear and the wildlife is abundant. Come join us and experience one of the most beautiful ecosystems in all of Florida while also learning about local history, the surrounding Cypress and Tupelo trees, and why Ponce de Leon hailed Florida Springs as the "Fountain of Youth".

Wildlife at Merritts Mill Pond

Wildlife at Merritts Mill PondWith crystal clear water every day, and visibility to incredible depths, take a peak below the surface and you’ll find a variety of fish, turtles, crawfish, and even on occasion fossilized shark teeth. Some of the species you can expect to see are blue gill, large mouth bass, cooter turtle, pond slider, soft shell, and if you're lucky otters. Surrounded by woods you can hear the call of birds, such as heron, ibis, woodpeckers, warblers, cardinals, blue jays, mockingbirds, hawks, eagles, owls, and vultures, while you are paddling or enjoying a number of different activities. Get in touch with nature and with some of the wonderful animals who live in Merritts Mill Pond.

Snorkeling the Pond

Underwater Scooters Rentals
Unlike the ocean, the water at Merritts Mill Pond is free of rip tides. This allows you an easier time if you decide to venture under the surface of the spring. Like the beaches of Northwest Florida the water at Jackson Blue Springs stays shallow around the shore and gradually gets deeper, we spend roughly two hours at this spring. The rest of the time, 2-3 hours, is spent kayaking between the smaller springs and snorkeling these springs. The smaller springs of Merritts Mill Pond do not have any shallow areas for kids to play in or beaches to easily enter and exit your kayak or SUP so keep this in mind when booking this tour.

Premium Service and Safe Tours

Coldwater Excursions guided Eco Tour meets the need of every adventurer, from novice to expert. Transportation to and from Merritts Mill Pond is provided for your convenience in one of our 12 person passenger vans. Coldwater Excursions is one of the only tour companies in the area to offer Top Eco Adventures and All-Inclusive Guided Tours.

Enjoy the 5 Star treatment from the highly trained, knowledgeable, and hospitable staff; your happiness and safety are paramount during your visit with us.

About The Pond

Tour Times & Duration

8:45  am Tour (approx. 7-7.5 hours)

What's Included

  • Tour Guide
  • Transfer to Cypress Spring
  • Beach chairs
  • Kayaks or Paddleboards
  • Underwater scooters
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Life Jacket
  • GoPro Cameras
  • Water and beverages
  • Lunch of your choice
  • Sunscreen
  • Towels
  • Dry Bag for Cell Phone

What to Wear and Bring

  • Swimwear
  • Sunglasses

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Experience an All-Inclusive and Worry-Free Tour

Kayak, paddleboard, and canoe this 202-acre-cold spring-fed pond with the guidance of the Top Eco Adventures company.